Conscious Academy offers "Education for the Humanity OS Upgrade." We educate transformationals. We define "transformationals" as people who are intuiting, envisioning, investing in, and manifesting Humanity 3.0 (or whatever name you want to use for what comes next after the old-paradigm, authoritarian, patriarchal society ebbs as it is currently is). 

If you are a "transformational" then the above phrase should interest you. Definitely read on. If you are not a transformational then the phrase will not be resonant with you and that is likely a good sign that the programs we offer here at Conscious Academy may not be a good fit for you. No problem, there are plenty of good resources for education for people who are more "conventional". 

There are four "pillars" to our curriculum here at Conscious Academy:
• Conscious Investing
• Conscious Entrepreneurship
• Conscious Leading
• Conscious Living 

In our various programs on the above topics, we strive to empower transformationals who are "conscious change agents" with the knowledge, skills and tools to transcend the conventional paradigm and co-create the new humanity (Humanity 3.0 as we call it). 

We are five years old and have students in more than 30 countries spread across the globe. We leverage state-of-the-art distance learning methodologies and technology so that we can provide affordable education to change agents worldwide. We offer both free and paid online courses and hands-on group coaching programs. 

Humanity 2.0 is running out of steam, but that's a good thing. Meanwhile, we are actively laying down the infrastructure for Humanity OS 3.0 to emerge. If the above is resonant with you, we hope that you will join us for one of our free or paid programs described below (and on the linked detailed information pages). 
We offer 6-week Crypto Curve Bootcamps for beginner, intermediate and advanced cryptocurrency investors and traders. Our Beginner Bootcamp is open for registration now (see below). The Intermediate Bootcamp will start in April and the Advanced Bootcamp will start in May of this year.  Info about the bootcamps can be found here
In less than 12 months, the cryptocurrency market increased in value by more than 10X and it is only just getting started. We have many friends who have made six figures and some who have made seven figures investing in cryptocurrency. If you are interested in getting involved (or have already jumped in) then you have no doubt recognized how steep the learning curve is. Its a beast! If you have tried to get some help, joined discussion groups, watched some videos or searched Google for good courses then you have also discovered that there are very few decent programs available that make it easy and enjoyable. Pretty much all of the “learn crypto” courses are taught by experienced traders who are inexperienced educators. 

Those other programs overwhelm you with a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo that leaves you feeling confused and discouraged. By contrast, our training content is 100% well-designed, carefully-crafted curriculum with beautiful illustrations and high-production value videos. We are professional educators with more than two decades of experience and we have teamed up with ninja-level cryptocurrency experts and traders who are great teachers and mentors who can teach you exactly what you need to know when you need it, and can connect all the dots to help you see how all this fits together in the big picture to help you accomplish your financial goals while investing into technological infrastructure for humanity’s future. 

At Crypto Curve, we deliver just what you need to know when you need to know it to be successful at your current level, while accelerating your progress to your next level of crypto success. With our system, your journey up the crypto learning curve will be fascinating, inspiring and fun! You can check out the details of this program here!

The Academy offers a free Conscious Change Agent Course as well as a 12-week deep-dive Conscious Change Agent Mentor Program. These programs help those called to help co-create the new humanity during the massive transition we are living through. Participants in the Conscious Change Agent Mentor Program clarify their purpose, create right-livelihood, and learn the leadership skills necessary to succeed. For a detailed description of this program, click here
The exciting "Growth Accelerator" series is our newest project reflecting the results of four years and more than $400,000 invested in research and development. We feel we have "cracked the code" on how small businesses, conscious entrepreneurs, integral professionals, and conscious change agents can scale up their impact, while monetizing the value they create, and increasing their income at the same time. This is a very hands-on live coaching program that meets weekly in small group cohorts. It includes lots of time directly with Brett Thomas as he provides you guidance, coaching and consulting every step along the way.  
Check it out here
This free 5-part video course supplemented by live workshops on our Zoom conference bridge is one of the best courses available anywhere to help new coaches, and coaches that don't yet have a full practice, learn exactly what it takes to build a full practice of ideal coaching clients quickly. For a more detailed description of this free course, and to get access to it, click here
This program helps established coaches escape the "time for money trap" with a group coaching program (or online course) that scales quickly by leveraging an automated marketing funnel and a self-funding advertising campaign. This program is for established coaches who want to move beyond one-on-one coaching to high-impact, high-income group programs and online programs (including digital products).  This is a "turnkey" solution that takes advantage of our expertise and economies of scale. We do the "heavy lifting" so that established, successful and busy coaches don't have to learn all the technical details of landing pages, domain names, email automation and hassle with learning how to use a bunch of new technology platforms.   For a detailed description of this program, click here
This is an online course for entrepreneurs who operate a small business and need a more reliable way to bring in a constant stream of new leads and customers. This online course is ideal for small business owners who know they want and need more leads and customers but feel overwhelmed or intimated by marketing, and either don't know where to start, or get stuck trying to "go it alone." You will learn how to design and implement a winning marketing strategy for your business to generate new leads and customers on an ongoing basis (automated so that you can ultimately spend less time and money on marketing and can focus on what you love doing). Cut through the overwhelm and intimidation of the multitude of new strategies, tactics, tools and technologies and we will help you make a good decision about which marketing strategies and tools are best for your situation. (Save dozens or hundreds of hours and hundreds or thousands of dollars by avoiding dead ends and costly detours.) Enrollment is currently closed for this online course but is expected to re-open in late 2018. Check it out here
This comprehensive course and group coaching program is the most complete and up-to-date of any program on the market that helps professional coaches attract clients and fill their practice. (Note we have a separate course below for established coaches who want to scale up.) This program is perfect for new coaches who want to attract ideal clients and fill their practice. Rather than buy a single expensive course on "Free Consultations that Sell" and another one on "Where to Find Clients" and yet another on "Creating Premium Coaching Packages" (each sold by other coach mentors for about two thousand dollars a piece), this single Full Practice Course covers it all (and for less than the price of just one of the other incomplete courses on the market). This is the only course you will need to learn how to do all the things that the coach gurus teach. Best of all, this one is not one-size fits all. We individualize the program with you to meet your needs in your individual situation.  We have retired this program so we can focus on the decentralization / cryptocurrency revolution that is exploding right now. 
The Conscious Business Growth Roadmap helps entrepreneurs understand exactly what stage their business is in (incubation, start-up, stable, or growth) and to have a detailed map of their stage complete with strategies, milestones, road hazards and accelerators. Using these powerful maps, small business owners know exactly what they should be focusing on, what they need to do at the current stage to evolve successfully (and safely) to the next stage, and how they can accelerate their progress.
Note: We are in the process of updated this program and plan to offer this valuable training for free as a way to help our conscious entrepreneur community. Release date of the updated training is scheduled for Summer or Fall of 2018.
The Conscious Coach Success Conscious Coach Success Mentor Program is 12-week course to help coaches learn how to be more successful with their coaching practices. This program has a track for both new and established coaches (who have different needs). Participants craft a powerful conscious marketing strategy that they use to attract and serve the people that they are most qualified and inspired to help. Hundreds of coaches benefitted from this program in 2015 and 2016.  
Note: We have retired this program but may offer a revised version of it in the future.
Coming Soon
Exciting New Programs
We are most excited about rolling out our new Crypto Curve programs in Q1 of 2018. This summer we will roll out our Humanity OS 3.0 program which will be super fun.   
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