Conscious Academy empowers conscious change agents. We help our clients and participants acquire the knowledge, skills and tools to transcend the conventional paradigm and co-create new organizations and cultures. We have students in more than 30 countries spread across the globe. We leverage state-of-the-art distance learning methodologies and technology so that we can provide affordable education to change agents worldwide. We offer both free and paid online courses and hands-on group coaching programs. 
Our new Expert Growth Accelerator program helps consultants, teachers, authors, service professionals and coaches scale their impact and their income. If you have ever considered starting a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, creating an online course or writing a book to bring your expertise out to the world in a more scaled way, then this program may be a great fit. It guides you through the best ways to scale up your reach and your revenue. 
We are excited to announce our newest leadership-related program.This new program is designed for busy people on the go across industries international time zones, and is designed to take less time and be priced within reach of just about anyone. More details coming soon!
We offer 6-week Crypto Curve Bootcamps for beginner, intermediate and advanced cryptocurrency investors and traders. Our Beginner Bootcamp is open for registration now (see below).
The Academy offers a free Conscious Change Agent Course as well as a 12-week deep-dive Conscious Change Agent Mentor Program. These programs help those called to help co-create the new humanity during the massive transition we are living through. Participants in the Conscious Change Agent Mentor Program clarify their purpose, create right-livelihood, and learn the leadership skills necessary to succeed. Enrollment is currently closed for this online course.
The "Growth Accelerator" helps small businesses, conscious entrepreneurs, integral professionals, and conscious change agents scale up their impact while monetizing the value they create. We offer a free 2-hour training that is jam-packed with value (including strategies, tactics and tools). We also offer a comprehensive, live coaching program that meets weekly in small group cohorts. This program ran in 2017.
This is an online course for entrepreneurs who operate a small business and need a more reliable way to bring in a constant stream of new leads and customers. This online course is ideal for small business owners who know they want and need more leads and customers but feel overwhelmed or intimated by marketing, and either don't know where to start, or get stuck trying to "go it alone." You will learn how to design and implement a winning marketing strategy for your business to generate new leads and customers on an ongoing basis (automated so that you can ultimately spend less time and money on marketing and can focus on what you love doing). Cut through the overwhelm and intimidation of the multitude of new strategies, tactics, tools and technologies and we will help you make a good decision about which marketing strategies and tools are best for your situation. (Save dozens or hundreds of hours and hundreds or thousands of dollars by avoiding dead ends and costly detours.) Enrollment is currently closed for this online course.
This free 5-part video course supplemented by live workshops on our Zoom conference bridge is one of the best courses available anywhere to help new coaches, and coaches that don't yet have a full practice, learn exactly what it takes to build a full practice of ideal coaching clients quickly. For a more detailed description of this free course, and to get access to it, click here
The Conscious Business Growth Roadmap helps entrepreneurs understand exactly what stage their business is in (incubation, start-up, stable, or growth) and to have a detailed map of their stage complete with strategies, milestones, road hazards and accelerators. Using these powerful maps, small business owners know exactly what they should be focusing on, what they need to do at the current stage to evolve successfully (and safely) to the next stage, and how they can accelerate their progress.
The Conscious Coach Success Conscious Coach Success Mentor Program is 12-week course to help coaches learn how to be more successful with their coaching practices. This program has a track for both new and established coaches (who have different needs). Participants craft a powerful conscious marketing strategy that they use to attract and serve the people that they are most qualified and inspired to help. Hundreds of coaches benefitted from this program in 2015 and 2016.  
Note: We have retired this program but may offer a revised version of it in the future.
Our Team
Brett Thomas is a veteran leadership advisor to CEOs and executive teams. He developed a unifying theory of leadership with Ken Wilber and is the co-founder of the Stagen Leadership Academy. He uses his advanced understanding of marketing, psychology, business growth strategies, and product development to help our clients scale up their impact and their income.
Michael Bezdek is a serial entrepreneur, investor, a veteran business manager who has served in the top ranks of major corporations. He is experienced in investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, mezzanine financing, venture capital and private equity.  Michael spent a decade on Wall Street managing individual and institutional investment portfolios exceeding 1 billion in assets.
Eric Eve is an experienced speaker, coach and event producer. He has helped numerous entrepreneurs monetize and grow their enterprises. Eric comes from a long tradition of leadership in business and politics and wants to continue that legacy by building platforms that empower individuals and communities with an emphasis on learning, entrepreneurship and positive social impact. 
Susan Canon, PhD is an interdisciplinary scholar-practitioner and futurist specializing in innovation, learning, and change in human systems. She is an adjunct professor of Organizational Development and Leadership at Fielding Graduate University. She previously worked as an associate professor of management at Antioch University Seattle, and an adjunct professor with the Bainbridge Graduate Institute at Pinchot University.

Rob McNamara is an expert on adult development and human performance, and the author of the books The Elegant Self and Strength to Awaken. Rob has served as a Teaching Fellow at Harvard University, and has worked extensively with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute for over a decade, including serving as core faculty for the Integral Life Practice seminar series, core faculty at global Integral Spiritual Experience events.
Robert MacNaughton has been an educator and group facilitator for over a decade working in integral theory, adult development and transformation. A well-known leader in the integral world, Robert co-founded and managed Integral Center in Boulder, Co. with the vision of fostering more Integral consciousness through community practice. He has trained and mentored thousands of people. 
Michael Garfield is a paleontologist-futurist turned educator and philosopher. His work articulates emergent planetary culture and integrate art, science and technology in a new way that suits our accelerating, evolutionary age. He's active  in the decentralization movement and is a mentor to conscious investors. He is a popular podcaster, lecturer, and also hosts events at Burning Man and other popular festivals.
Matt Boh is an digital media consultant, start-up advisor, and designer. He advises firms with blockchain technology development, ICOs, and software development. He's passionate about tech, gaming, ICOs and cryptocurrency. He is an instructor at Conscious Academy in our conscious investing programs.

Elizabeth Kennedy has enjoyed a successful career as a teacher, facilitator, entrepreneur and transformational coach. She brings a high level of versatility being a hand-to-hand combat (martial arts) instructor, a meditation teacher, advanced communication skills instructor, group dynamics and team facilitator, and coach. 
Dragonfly de la Luz is a writer and world traveler with a penchant for disrupting global systems of domination. She has a background in coaching, activism, and facilitation. She is especially interested in empowering disadvantaged communities around the world.

Hayk Minasyan has a PhD in Economics specializing in monetary policy and financial system regulations. Over the last 10 years, he has used his economic modeling and technical financial skills on finance projects, crowdfunding platforms, loan underwriting information systems, scoring systems, analytic dashboards and financial projection models. 
Kristine Silvestre is an experienced operations manager working with numerous international teams on various projects. She has overseen the recruiting, onboarding and management of Conscious Academy international team for four years. She also oversees customer service and member support. She uses her versatility to support all Conscious Associates and also our Conscious Academy programs. 
Coming Soon
Exciting New Programs
We are excited to roll out our newest offering, the Conscious Leadership Program in Summer of 2018. This will coincide with the official launch of our Conscious Publishers and Conscious Media platforms with the purpose of "Empowering conscious leaders and change agents worldwide".